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Animato Fitness 
07:06pm 08/01/2005
mood: energetic
Barring that last statement by my boyfriend v.v

Welcome To Animato Fit!

I would personally like to christen the ship that is Animato Fit. Dave and I started this community one random night when I felt fat and he decided he was out of shape. So I believe it's high time we kick our butts in gear and get our bodies into fatless-shape. Anyone who's ever seen me knows that I'm am quite a nice package ~_^ However, I'm also quite a big package, and that my friends, needs to change. I think Dave just wants to be able to run again >>


Who knows if anyone will ever join this community but us, but I just plan to use it to talk about my accomplishments or difficulties. Kind of a way to bitch and moan or preen and gloat about this journey.

I invite anyone who'd like to to join us to give animato fit a whirl. Give us your workout tips. Let us know what you do to cut cravings. Or if you just feel like bitching about what you ate today or how hard it was to get up at 8a.m. for pilates, we'd love to hear it.

I've never had a community before but I suppose I should make some rules...


1. Don't flame people for their opinions. That's just annoying. If you're gonna be a baby about what people say then you probably shouldn't be at our site.
2. Keep the posts on topic. I may love your will to want to lose weight, but I'm not really interested in hearing about your best friend's boyfriend dumping her for some guy that's already married to a transvestite that's been trafficking child pornography for 7 years. Just as an example =)
3. This isn't really a clean journal, it should be obvious that I'm a pretty frequent curser. But try not too go all out. Just to keep the more sensitive ones happy. Pretty please.
4. Please don't try to force people into a specific diet plan or exercise style. Everyone's different. If something's worked great for you then we'd love to hear about it. But no converting allowed.
That's all I can think of, hahaha. These will be on the info page as well.

All of the entries are friends only, so if you want in you gotta join =)

Well kiddies, that's about it. I'm done talking so..let the fitness begin!